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Proactive, Personalized, Partner-Focused

​Retail Credit Solutions introduces a refreshing partner-centric alternative in an industry where cumbersome, inflexible traditional big bank/fintech servicing can impede a company's potential to optimize growth and profitability. RCS' attention to growing your company's sales, building customer loyalty along with our industry experience sets the stage for your company's retail credit program's success.

  • Approach: partnership philosophy

  • Learn Your Customer: use cutting edge AI to understand consumer spending habits

  • Controlled Growth: solid economics and outstanding service

  • Industry Experience: retail, data analytics and private label

  • Broad capabilities: credit, consumer preference analysis and marketing

  • Flexibility: launch, and learn – test and customize

  • Speed: implementation in weeks, not months


Truly Top-Notch

The leadership team at Retail Credit Solutions is highly versed in the development and management of in-house retail credit programs. With a combined 50 years of industry experience working for Fortune 100 companies, RCS offers you the industry knowledge and expertise of a large corporation along with swiftness and focus on execution.
From the inception of our partnership with you, RCS will listen to your requests and goals in order to craft a customized private label solution. We ensure that your key capabilities are leveraged to build the most effective program to service your most important asset: your customer.


Understand your Customer Deeply

We have in house Data Science experts to help you draw meaningful conclusions from the overwhelming volume of data the comes hand in hand with a Private Label Credit Card program.


Our ability to deliver a customized retail credit program in weeks, not months,

Our ability to deliver a customized retail credit program in weeks, not months, marks a key differentiation between RCS and large bank processors. Our speed to market and laser focus dedication to execution allows us to iteratively test and tweak your customized program to deliver the most effective and profitable retail credit program for your company.


Outstanding Quality

Retail Credit Solutions takes the responsibility of protecting data seriously. Our data security sensitivity and discipline ensure that your customers' data is never compromised.

Why Choose Us: Features
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