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Disciplined, Nimble, Experienced, Focused

To win in today's crowded, competitive, and ever changing retail market, it is critical that the goals of the retailer and its credit program partner are fully aligned. It is also important to have a credit partner that is experienced, disciplined, focused, and nimble.
At Retail Credit Solutions, we specialize in developing and managing turnkey consumer credit programs tailored to meet the needs of retailers of any size. Our mission is to assist retailers in cultivating relationships with their customers through the use of private label credit cards and the analysis that this data provides. RCS offers an array of strategic and operational insight covering the private label credit card process from end-to-end. Our solutions can deliver measurable results – increased sales, higher margin, better approval rates, and greater customer loyalty and retention – and support the retailers' objectives.
RCS is unique because we understand the needs and challenges of the retail sector. We have deep retail, banking and credit experience, broad capabilities, and valuable alliances to help you maximize credit program opportunities and avoid unnecessary risk.
We will take the time to listen to your needs, make your objectives our own, and move into action to manage one of your most effective tools in driving sales: retail credit.

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